This is what the world says about Madrid and Spain


  • Madrid’s culinary revolution by BBC travel

    Eat out in Madrid and you will be faced with a variety of regional and international cuisines that is unparalleled anywhere else in Spain…(continue)

  • A taste of Andalucían olive oil by BBC travel

    Spain’s highly-prized olive oil is made from fresh, hand-picked olives. First brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Phoenicians…(continue)

  • Madrid and the art of tapas by BBC Travel

    It is often said that Madrid is the most Spanish of Spain’s cities. And in no sense is this truer than in the city’s cuisine…(continue)



  • The Madrid Waterfront: Who Knew? by New York Times

    Puerta de AlcaláWould it be unpatriotic to assert that the Big Dig in Boston was small potatoes compared with Madrid Rio?… (continue)

  •  The Europe Issue; Undiscovered Treasures, Ready To Be Found: Madrid by New York Times

    Where culture is concerned, in Madrid variety reigns. With funky new art centers emerging from defunct factories and traditional Spanish musical theater embracing modern themes…(continue)

  •  Madrid Market Bustles Again by New York Times

    On a recent morning, before the midday sweltering heat had settled on Madrid, a statuesque fashion model clad entirely in white, her hair pulled tight and high into an elaborately…(continue)



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