WPA 2014 is organizing a cutting edge Scientific Programme covering:


1. ADHD (Updated) 39. Neuroimaging in Psychiatry (Updated)
2. Addiction (Updated) 40. Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neurology (Updated)
3. Anxiety, Stress and Adjustment Disorders (Updated) 41. Occupational Psychiatry, Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Updated)
4. Art and Psychiatry (Updated) 42. Perinatal Psychiatry and Infant Mental Health (Updated)
5. Biological Psychiatry and Neuroscience (Updated) 43. Personality and Psychopathology (Updated)
6. Brain and Pain (Updated) 44. Personality Disorders and Accentuated Personality (Updated)
7. Child and Adolescent Mental and Behavioral Disorders (Updated) 45. Pharmacotherapies (Updated)
8. Conflict Management and Resolution (Updated) 46. Philosophy and Humanities in Psychiatry (Updated)
9. Dementia, Delirium and Related Cognitive Disorders (Updated) 47. Prevention and Health Promotion (Updated)
10. Diagnostic Systems (Updated) 48. Primary Care and Mental Health (Updated)
11. Disasters and Emergencies in Psychiatry (Updated) 49. Psychiatric Classification
12. Dissociative, Somatization and Factitious Disorders 50. Psychiatry Educationd and Training (Updated)
13. Dual Diagnosis (Updated) 51. Psychiatry in Developing Regions (Updated)
14. Eating Disorders (Updated) 52. Psychiatry in Private Practice (Updated)
15. Ecology, Psychiatry and Mental Health (Updated) 53. Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry (Updated)
16. Epidemiology and Public Health (Updated) 54. Psychological Consequences of Torture and Persecution (Updated)
17. Ethics, Law, Human Rights and Mental Health (Updated) 55. Psychological Sciences
18. Evolutionary Psychiatry (Updated) 56. Psychoneurobiology (Updated)
19. Excersice Psycyiatry and Sports (Updated) 57. Psychoneuroendocrinology (Updated)
20. Family Research, Intervention and Interdisciplinary Intervention (Updated) 58. Psycho-Oncology and Palliative Care (Updated)
21. Forensic Psychiatry (Updated) 59. Psychophysiology in Psychiatry (Updated)
22. Genetic Psychiatry (Updated) 60. Psychosomatic Disorders (Updated)
23. Geriatric Psychiatry (Updated) 61. Psychotherapies (Updated)
24. History and Psychiatry (Updated) 62. Public Psychiatry (Updated)
25. HIV and Psychiatry (Updated) 63. Quality Assurance in Psychiatry (Updated)
26. Human Development (Updated) 64. Religion, Spirituality and Psychiatry (Updated)
27. Human Sexuality (Updated) 65. Research Methods in Psychiatry (Updated)
28. Immunology and Psychiatry (Updated) 66. Rural Mental Heath (Updated)
29. Impulse – Control Disorders (Updated) 67. Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders (Updated)
30. Learning Disorders 68. Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders (Updated)
31. Literature and Mental Health (Updated) 69. Sleep Disorders (Updated)
32. Mass Media and Mental Health (Updated) 70. Social and Cultural Psychiatry (Updated)
33. Measurement Instruments in Psychiatric Care (Updated) 71. Sociotherapies
34. Mental Health, Economics and Services Research (Updated) 72. Stigma and Mental Health (Updated)
35. Military Psychiatry 73. Suicide and Psychiatric Emergencies (Updated)
36. Miscellaneous (Updated) 74. Urban Mental Health (Updated)
37. Mood Disorders (Updated)  75. Women’s Mental Health (Updated)
38. Neural Sciences (Updated)


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