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  • Registration fee includes:

    • Access to Plenaries, Symposia, Satellite Symposia Poster & other Sessions, Scientific/Commercial Exhibits area.
    • Final Programme
    • Congress Bags with personal badge and other pertinent information
    • Coffee services
    • Certificate of attendance
    • Access to Opening Ceremony and Network Activities

    Not included in registration fee:

    • Transfers to and from the airport
    • Transfers to and from the venue
    • Access to the Additional Food or/and beverages
    • Accommodation
    • Travel Insurance
    • Visa fees 


      WPA MADRID 2014
    Until April 24, 2014  > May 7, 2014
    from May 7, 2014

      Psychiatrist/Physicians from group country A*       

    500,00 €  600,00 €

      Psychiatrist/Physicians from group country B *

    380,00 €  480,00 €

      Psychiatrist/Physicians from group country C *

     290,00 €  350,00 €

      Psychiatrist/Physicians from group country D *

     190,00 €  250,00 €

      Other Professionals

       (psychologists, nurses, social  workers…)  

     280,00 €  280,00 €

      Students, fellows and residents**                      .

     190,00 €  190,00 €




    * As defined by the World Bank. ** Student registration must be accompanied by a letter from the head of department confirming your status and/or a valid student card.   Meals are not included in the registration fee.

    Credit card payment (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX)

      In order to avoid frauds we work with a Fraud Prevention System so online authorization might be required. If your credit card is not ready for online transactions, it might be declined. Please in that case, download the following registration form and send it back by mail to or by fax to

    Registration Form

    Bank transfer

    Holder: TILESA OPC

    Bank: BBVA

    Account #:

    IBAN: ES93


    We strongly recommend credit card payments as charges for bank transfers may be higher.

    In case you want to pay doing a bank transfer please use the following form

    Cancellation Terms

    Notification of cancellation must be made in writing and mailed to TILESA OPC.

    An administration fee will be charged depending on the cancellation date

    Cancellation received until June 1st 2014: registration fee refund, less 50 € for administrative costs.

    Cancellation received after June 2nd 2014: No refund.

    *All refunds will be processed after the Congress.

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    The following countries are considered: Group A (Upper and High-income economies by the World Bank)

    Andorra Germany Oman
    Aruba Greece Poland
    Australia Greenland Portugal
    Austria Guam Qatar
    Bahamas, The Hong Kong SAR, China
    Bahrain Hungary San Marino
    Barbados Iceland Saudi Arabia
    Belgium Ireland Singapore
    Bermuda Isle of Man Sint Maarten
    Brunei Darussalam Israel Slovak Republic
    Canada Italy Slovenia
    Cayman Islands Japan Spain
    Channel Islands Korea, Rep. St. Kitts and Nevis
    Croatia Kuwait St. Martin
    Curaçao Liechtenstein Sweden
    Cyprus Luxembourg Switzerland
    Czech Republic Macao SAR, China Trinidad and Tobago
    Denmark Malta Turks and Caicos Islands
    Estonia Monaco United Arab Emirates
    Equatorial Guinea Netherlands United Kingdom
    Faeroe Islands New Caledonia United States
    Finland New Zealand Virgin Islands (U.S.)
    France Northern Mariana Islands
    French Polynesia Norway

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    The following countries are considered: (Group B) Upper – Middle- income economies by the World Bank

    Angola Ecuador Palau
    Algeria Gabon Panama
    American Samoa Grenada Peru
    Antigua and Barbuda Iran, Islamic Rep. Puerto Rico
    Argentina Romania
    Jamaica Russian Federation
    Azerbaijan Jordan Serbia
    Belarus Kazakhstan Seychelles
    Bosnia and Herzegovina Latvia South Africa
    Botswana Lebanon St. Lucia
    Brazil Libya St. Vincent and the   Grenadines
    Bulgaria Lithuania Suriname
    Chile Macedonia, FYR Thailand
    China Malaysia Tunisia
    Colombia Maldives Turkey
    Costa Rica Mauritius Turkmenistan
    Cuba Mexico Tuvalu
    Dominica Montenegro Uruguay
    Dominican Republic Namibia Venezuela, RB

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    The following countries are considered: (Group C) Lower-middle-income economies by the World Bank

    Albania Indonesia Samoa
    Armenia India São Tomé and Principe
    Belize Iraq Senegal
    Bhutan Kiribati Solomon Islands
    Bolivia Kosovo South Sudan
    Cameroon Lao PDR Sri Lanka
    Cape Verde Lesotho Sudan
    Congo, Rep. Marshall Islands Swaziland
    Côte d’Ivoire Micronesia, Fed. Sts. Syrian Arab Republic
    Djibouti Moldova Timor-Leste
    Egypt, Arab Rep. Mongolia Tonga
    El Salvador Morocco Ukraine
    Fiji Nicaragua Uzbekistan
    Georgia Nigeria Vanuatu
    Ghana Pakistan Vietnam
    Guatemala Papua New Guinea West Bank and Gaza
    Guyana Paraguay Yemen, Rep.
    Honduras Philippines Zambia

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    The following countries are considered: (Group D,E) Low-income economies by the World Bank

    Afghanistan Gambia, The Mozambique
    Bangladesh Guinea Myanmar
    Benin Guinea-Bisau Nepal
    Burkina Faso Haiti Niger
    Burundi Kenya Rwanda
    Cambodia Korea, Dem Rep. Sierra Leone
    Central African Republic Kyrgyz Republic Somalia
    Chad Liberia Tajikistan
    Comoros Madagascar Tanzania
    Congo, Dem. Rep Malawi Togo
    Eritrea Mali Uganda
    Ethiopia Mauritania Zimbabwe




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    Cancellation or Modification of the Congress due to Force Majeure

    In case of Force Majeure the organisers of the Congress have the right to change or cancel the Congress without previos notice. The organisers will give notice of the situation as soon as it is reasonably possible. A situation is considered as Force Majeure when the events and circumstances, out of the control of the organiser (PCO), impede or hinder the congress to take place, including but not limited to, actions by the goberment, wars or conflicts, civil conmotions and disturbances, plagues or any other type of epydemic such as SARS, avian influenza, etc., earthquakes, floods, or any other similar natural event or disaster, explosions, accidents or breakdowns, strikes, lack of regular means of transport, terrorism, or other events not attributable to serious  negligence or recklessness on the part of the PCO. The PCO will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages, losses or incidental or subsequent expenditures or any other further inconvenience caused by the modification or cancellation of the Congress. Registrations will not be reimbursed.

    Force Majeure in regards to hotel accommodation.

    Tilesa and the Venue can not be held responsible for the non execution, or non partial execution of the contract in the case of accidents, caused by a third party, or in the case of Force Majeure, such as, but not limited to, special actions taken by the local authorities or by the government, partial or full strikes, blockages, fire, collective security , threats, terrorism, war, health danger, natural disasters, floods or any other disaster which impedes the Hotel to lodge Tilesa’s clients for the event or if the event had to be cancelled by Tilesa due to these reasons.   

    Responsability Disclaimer

    All efforts will be taken to carry out this Congress and present the program in timely time and and hour and under the best conditions so as to secure the confort and safety of all partiipants and guests. The Organisers keep the right to unilaterally  modify the program without prior notice. Neither the Organisers, the PCO and or any of their directors, staff or agents will be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or inconveniences of any type affecting any person who as a result of the cancellation, modification of the program or any event related to the congress or taking place when going, during their stay, or return to and from the Madrid Congress. Participants are encouraged to make their own insurance covering  health and other risks    

    Liability Insurance

    The Congress organiser (TILESA, OPC), the Congress venue (IFEMA), and other suppliers, providers or contractors related to the organization of the Congress are not and cannot be made responsible for all and any injuries, damages, losses, thefts, health problems,  personal inconveniences  or other, which congress attendees might suffer going to, during their stay, or on their return from, attending the XVI WPA World Congress. Participants are encouraged to take a personal  insurance for these issues.   

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